Solutions & Services

Biometric Boarding

We can help you architect and deploy a Face-Recognition International departure system.

The system connects with the Traveler Verification Services (TVS) developed by Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Just before boarding the plane, each traveler’s photo is taken by the system and sent to TVS, comparing the new photo with the DHS database. The match clears the passenger for departure in just a few seconds. In the one-step system, after the match has been verified, the system also connects with the airline Departure Control System (DCS) and checks the passenger in, creating a touchless experience.

Flight/Baggage/Gate Information Displays

Flight/Baggage/Gate Information Displays (FIDS/BIDS/GIDS) are typically off-the-shelf products supplied by different vendors

We can help you re-architect these systems and eliminate licensing fees. We can design a hardware-independent system that doesn't require dedicated CPU’s; they can be displayed in any smart-TV. Parameters can be applied to URLs to control elements such as number of lines per display, airport, arrivals vs. departures, airlines, etc.

Passenger Tracking Systems

Passenger tracking systems are very valuable for airports for the purposes of analyzing traffic patterns, density and dwell times

We can help you deploy these systems by using W-Fi as well as cameras. These systems are useful to measure amount of passengers in checkpoint lanes to notify pasengers of wait times and manage the number of people working at the checkpoints.

Snow Accumulation Tracking Systems

Snow plowing takes a lot of coordination. Different teams need to be deployed to different runways to clear the snow.

We can implement systems that are able to predict and manage when the different teams and crews need to be deployed. Using parameters such as intensity (light, moderate, and heavy) and type of precipitation (wet snow, sleet, dry snow, freezing rain) we are able to schedule cleaning and inspection times.