2012 8MinneapolisSeptember 19, 2012. Minneapolis, MN 

Diego Ferrer, President of Orinoco systems, attended an interactive discussion and networking event at the prestigious Olson Marketing Agency. The event took place at Olson’s new facility at Ford Center, adjacent to Target Field. Kris Finger, a director of global accounts for HelmsBriscoe, a global leader in meetings procurement, was the speaker for the event. 

The event was presented by The Twin Cities Business Peer Network (TCBPN), which is a small group of colleagues from various functions and companies in the Twin Cities who commit to use their talents to help students and professionals grow personally and professionally.

“This was a very interesting and helpful event” said Ferrer “It allowed me to network with accomplished professionals, while learning about business opportunities in the Twin Cities” he added.

TCBPN has partnered with multiple recognized organizations and has presented in various educational institutions including The Carlson School of Management, the University of Minnesota, St Thomas University, and Argosy University.

2012 7ConvmsSeptember 10, 2012. Wheaton, IL 

KnowledgeShift the creator of Mobi-RolePlay sought out a software developer that could help them develop a Conversation Management System.

A Conversation Management System works with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems to help organizations train employees on their verbal transactions.

"Our first version of Mobi-RolePlay was able to record the simulated conversations that employees would have. But with large volumes of customers who are using this, it becomes overwhelming for a manager to try to listen to all of these calls to provide proper feedback. With increased advancement in speech-to-text technology, we are able to translate all of the conversations and convert the dialogue to text. Then each response is put into a key word search tool and scores the call based upon whether or not the employee gave the most appropriate response in the simulated conversations. This will allow our customers to score each conversation and narrow down the list of those who really require a higher level of feedback to be provided", states Nancy Munro, CEO of KnowledgeShift. 
"We selected Orinoco Systems to help us build a platform that will allow managers to log in and pull reports on each of their conversations and then drill down into each response and listen to the full conversation if the user had a poor score to provide a higher degree of feedback."

KnowledgeShift is a technology training firm specializing in development of role-playing and simulated conversations for employee development.

2012 6FMSCAugust 15, 2012. Aurora, IL 

A small group of Orinoco employees volunteered at Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) to pack meals at the FMSC in Aurora, IL. These hand-pack meals are specifically formulated for malnourished children and are shipped to nearly 70 countries around the world.

Feed My Starving Children is a non-profit Christian organization committed to feeding God’s children in body and spirit.

Because of FMSC’s emphasis on small group involvement and outcome-focused participation, the volunteer experience offered a wonderful way for Orinoco to engage their employees and motivate with the selfless benefit of feeding the world’s starving children.
Besides donating their time, Orinoco Systems also donated funds to the organization. “I think this is a wonderful way to show that our company cares about the community at large while doing a fun team building exercise” said Diego Ferrer, president of the company.

2012 5FUMECMexico, July 15 2012 

The United States-Mexico Foundation for Science (FUMEC) lists Orinoco Systems founders among their list of "Entreprenuers with Passion" in their biennial activities report 2010-2011. You can read an abstract of the article in the following parapgraphs.

Formed by Hector Correa and Diego Ferrer in 2008, Orinoco Systems has a clear international vocation: to attend the needs of companies and organizations in the United States, where all their clients are, from Chihuahua, Mexico.

For its founders, operating from national territory with foreign clients responds to a business strategy, but also implies a personal challenge arising from their own work experience: to avoid the flight of human capital by creating a work offering for Chihuahua professionals facing the dilemma of working in maquilas or leaving the state in search of opportunities.

In recognition for their impressive growth, the company won the SME Award 2011 presented by the Secretariat of Economy, as the best acceleration company at international level.

Talking about his experience as an international business, Hector Correa has no hesitation in telling those who want to penetrate the global market that: "TechBA is the shortest path for Mexican companies who want to do business in the United States. It works if you are smart, have an open mind and are willing to redefine yourself."

A link to a PDF file of the complete Biennial Report can be found here

2012 4CBOF45Chicago IL, April 13 2012 

Orinoco Systems participates in the Chicago Business Opportunity Fair sponsored by the Chicago Minority Supplier Development Council.

According to Orinoco Systems President, Diego Ferrer, “this year’s CBOF was very well organized and very well attended. There were many peripheral business enhancement events, and the business speed-dating event was a great opportunity for quality interaction with representatives from buying organizations. Sheila Hill-Morgan and her staff did a great job putting this together this year.”

This event, which is in its 45th year, promotes business relationships and partnerships between minority-owned companies and buyers from major corporations and government agencies.  Attendance was expected from 1,300 certified minority-owned businesses and 250 buying organizations. 

2012 3chicagoexecutivesummitOakbrook IL, March 23rd 2012 

A panel of executives shared key elements of leadership regarding corporations with multicultural organizations and international business in a panel discussion entitled “The Business of Leading a Global Firm”. 

Participants included Diego Ferrer, President of Orinoco Systems LLC; Manny Favela, Chief Financial Officer of Latin America for McDonald's Corporation; Alejandro Quiroz, Vice President of Global Advanced Manufacturing for Whirlpool Corporation; and Steve Healy, Vice President of Latin America for Otis Elevator Company. The panel moderator was Douglas Stuart, PhD, Director of Intercultural Training & Development for IOR Global Services.

Topics included differences in the global environment and what it take to meet the challenges, requirements in terms of talent and experience to take on the complexities of international leadership. Participants shared personal stories that captured the essence of their individual experiences in global leadership.

 “My hope is that by sharing my knowledge and experiences running a global business it may inspire the audience to similar career aspirations” said Diego Ferrer.

The panel was preceded by an insightful presentation from the keynote speaker JC Gonzalez-Mendez, President of Latin America for McDonald's Corporation. 

The event was sponsored by the National Society of Hispanic MBA’s (NSHMBA), which is a non-for-profit organization that fosters Hispanic leadership through graduate management education and professional development.

For a link to the event website click here

2012 2InnovationSprinfield, IL, USA – March 23, 2012

A group of participants from corporations, startups, government and academia celebrated Illinois Innovation Day.  Sponsored by TechAmerica, Chicago Innovation Awards, and the Illinois Science & Technology Coalition a selected group of individuals discussed the importance of supporting the Illinois Innovation Ecosystem. The event was held at the Governor’s Mansion in Springfield, IL.

Participants from Orinoco Systems included their president Diego Ferrer and Director of Operations Charley Tucker.

Topics of discussion included how the state can support Illinois’ innovators, the role of universities, and how public-private partnerships can spark economic growth.

Participants from large corporations like Apple, Motorola, and Comcast shared their perspective.

Thomas Kuczmarski from Chicago Innovation Awards, Ed Longanecker from TechAmerica, and Matthew Summy form the Illinois Science & Technology Coalition led the discussion regarding access to capital, resources and economic incentives for Illinois Corporations.

“The dialogue was very productive but we’re very disappointed the governor wasn’t able to join the group, given the state of the economy and of the willingness of the institutions present to commit to innovation and growth creation in Illinois” commented Orinoco’s President Diego Ferrer.

 Despite the governor’s absence the dialogue and networking was very productive for all participants.

2012 1orinocovmwareWheaton, IL, USA – February 10, 2012

Orinoco Systems LLC has become an official VMware Solution Provider partner  at the Professional level. In this capacity, Orinoco Systems can offer its clients new opportunities in rendering virtualization services. Obtaining the VMware Solution Provider Professional level partner status means that Orinoco Systems has certified VMware professionals, who have demonstrated knowledge of VMware virtualization solutions and are able to sell the entire VMware product line

VMware is the world leader in virtualization. Enterprises of various industries and sizes around the world are using VMware solutions to significantly reduce operating costs, as well as to ensure the continuity of the company's operations and to improve their data safety.

The collaboration with VMware was initiated in order to expand the relationships with our existing clients and to attract new ones. “Being an official VMware partner allows us to offer a complete spectrum of virtualization technologies and to ensure efficient information systems operations for our customers” said Diego Ferrer, President of Orinoco Systems.

Being a provider of software solutions, Orinoco Systems perfectly understands the economic benefits provided by virtualization of the IT infrastructure. By responding to the changing market, virtualization offers companies an opportunity to adapt their information system quickly to new market conditions. By using virtualization solutions, companies can plan easier and decrease project’s time durations and budget.

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