In the current economic client, Fortune 500 companies are embracing technical outsourcing as a tool to allow for the completion of vital projects at a significant cost savings.  The most tangible advantage of outsourcing is revenue control. Historic disadvantages include geographic remoteness, time zone issues, turnover and cultural and language disparity. Even with these challenges in play many corporations continue on the chosen course undeterred in order to realize the cost benefits.

Orinoco Systems designed our Nearshore services in order to offer clients the best of both worlds. Project cost savings without any of the traditional problems associated with off-shoring. We were able to achieve this through the creation and operation of an Orinoco Systems office in Chihuahua, Mexico.






solutions2Due to the proximity of our Nearshore office to the U.S. many of the disadvantages are wiped out. Time zone difference, cultural affinity and travel issues become non-factors. Thanks to NAFTA, work visas can easily be acquired if a visit to the states is necessary. Additionally, due to Orinoco’s partnership with the Monterrey Institute of technology, we have been able to attract and retain high quality English speaking talent. Because turnover has not been an issue with our Mexican facility, project interruptions and distractions have been avoided.

The adjustments we have made to the outsourcing model through strategic location provide our customers all of the offshore benefits without the headaches.


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